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I had to write this bio as part of a Writer Platform Challenge recently. It said to keep it to one sentence. I like to break the rules. (Okay, not really, but in this case I think it’s warranted, because I’m a lot more interesting than one sentence.) (Also, I’m changing this from third person to first person. Because I can.)

I’m married to a brilliant engineer who makes me laugh, and together we have created one brilliant daughter who can bark like a seal with alarming accuracy. We share two cats and a guinea pig, although the hubs will tell you the cats are mine. The hubs, by the way, is M, which is short for Michael. My creativity in this regard is astounding. I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years and I started using M as shorthand and I’m not stopping now. I work as communications director for a monastery full of Benedictine monks and a school full of adolescent boys, which means I could probably sell this situation as a reality comedy show and make millions of dollars, only the monks said no. Multiple times. I celebrate damn near everything, especially Thursdays because Thursdays bring doughnuts, dress down days, my new writing group, and the faint jingling of the pending weekend fast approaching.